Earnings After Retirement

Earnings After Retirement
If you return to work after retiring from NYSTRS, be aware it could impact your NYSTRS benefit.
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Sections 211 and 212 of the Retirement and Social Security Law govern NYS public employment by service retirees under age 65. The Section 212 earnings limit, determined by the State Legislature, is currently $30,000. Working under Section 211 requires your employer to obtain a waiver.

You can find more information about post-retirement earnings, including the rules governing work as a consultant, in the pamphlet Working in Retirement and in the Retired Members' Handbook.

Reporting Your Earnings

If you work for a NYSTRS participating employer (including New York State public school districts, qualifying charter schools, the state Education Department, SUNY or state community colleges) you must provide your NYSTRS  EmplID to your employer. Your annual earnings will be automatically reported to us.

If you work as a consultant (either independently or through a third-party employer) and you joined NYSTRS on or after May 31, 1973, or if you work for any other New York State or New York City public employer, you must report your earnings to us on an annual basis. Use the form Reporting Your New York State Public Employment Earnings (RMS-64.1) to report your earnings for the previous calendar year.

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