Nearing Retirement

Nearing Retirement
Prepare for retirement by reviewing these publications.
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Looking to the Future: Retirement is Within Reach
Stage 3 of a three-part guide to NYSTRS' retirement-readiness services at each stage of a member's career.

Countdown to Retirement
A look at the steps a member should take in the year leading up to retirement.

Video: The Retirement Process
An overview of key dates and decisions in the retirement process.

A Seasonable Approach to Retiring
Read about the steps to take in your final school year.

NYSTRS Retirement Checklist
The six steps to collecting your retirement benefit for those planning to retire soon.

Maximum or an Option: Choosing a Benefit Payment Right for You
An explanation of the benefit payment choices members have at retirement.

Video: Your NYSTRS Benefit Payment: Making the Choice That's Right for You
An overview of the different NYSTRS benefit payment options.

If You Are No Longer Able to Work
A summary of NYSTRS benefits that may be available to members who must stop working due to serious illness or injury. Also watch our video Filing for Disability Protection: What You Need to Know.

General Income Tax Information
A tax fact sheet pertaining to loans, annuity savings funds and death benefits. Also addressed are common withholding questions as they relate to your retirement benefit.

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