Retiree Forms

Retiree Forms

Print NYSTRS forms. Call our Hotline at (800) 782-0289 to request forms be mailed to you.

Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50) | Or update your address online in MyNYSTRS.

Seasonal Address Form (RET-2)
To have NYSTRS mail sent to your seasonal address.

Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement (GRE-54) | Or update your banking information online in MyNYSTRS.
If you need assistance completing the direct deposit form, see the Direct Deposit Authorization Fact Sheet (GRE-54.1). If you want to deposit your benefit to a bank account titled to a Trust, see Instructions for Direct Deposit to Trust (LEG-2) for eligibility and guidance.

W-4P Withholding Election and Certificate (FIN-149) | Or update your election online in MyNYSTRS.

Reporting Your New York State Public Employment Earnings (RMS-64.1) | Or report your earnings online in MyNYSTRS.

Designation of Beneficiary for In-Service or Post-Retirement Paragraph 2 Death Benefit (NET-11.4)

Designation of Beneficiary for Retirees Electing a Guarantee Option (RMS-5.3)

Designation of Beneficiary for Retirees Electing a Lump Sum Option (RMS-5)

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