Active Member Forms

Active Member Forms

Print NYSTRS forms. Call our Hotline at (800) 782-0289 to request forms be mailed to you.
Important COVID-19 Note: We are prioritizing transactions such as pension payments, direct deposit changes, disability retirements, death benefits and loans. Whenever possible, please file forms through your MyNYSTRS account. A New York State executive order permits the use of e-notarizations through May 25. Refer to How to E-Notarize in Six Easy Steps for additional information. Members who are in New York State and need a NYSTRS document e-notarized can contact us for assistance by calling (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6250.

Membership Application (NET-2) | This form requires notarization. See the COVID-19 Note above. 

Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50) | Note: We urge you to update your address online in MyNYSTRS.

Designation of Beneficiary For In-Service or Post-Retirement Paragraph 2 Death Benefit (NET-11.4) | This form requires notarization. See the COVID-19 Note above. We urge you to update your beneficiary online in MyNYSTRS.

Loan Application (LON-26) | Note: We urge you to apply online in MyNYSTRS at this time and select direct deposit payment as there may be a delay in processing paper loan checks.
Refer to our video Loan Truths... And Consequences and our loan taxability tutorial for important information.

Election to Reinstate (RIS-1) | This form requires notarization. See the COVID-19 Note above. 
Be advised the election is irrevocable once filed so we encourage you to discuss your options by calling us at (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6250. Please note: If your membership in another NYS retirement system is still active, you can transfer it to NYSTRS. You may initiate the transfer by contacting the other system.

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