Active Member Forms

Active Member Forms

Print NYSTRS forms. Call our Hotline at (800) 782-0289 to request forms be mailed to you.
Important Note: Whenever possible, please file forms through your MyNYSTRS account.

Membership Application (NET-2)

Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50) | Note: We encourage you to update your address online in MyNYSTRS.

Designation of Beneficiary For In-Service or Post-Retirement Paragraph 2 Death Benefit (NET-11.4) | Note: We encourage you to update your beneficiary online in MyNYSTRS. For questions about designating a trust see Trust FAQs.

Loan Application (LON-26) | Note: We encourage you to apply online in MyNYSTRS and select direct deposit for faster processing.
Refer to our video Loan Truths... And Consequences and our loan taxability tutorial for important information.

Election to Reinstate (RIS-1)
Be advised the election is irrevocable once filed so we encourage you to discuss your options by calling us at (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6250. Please note: If your membership in another NYS retirement system is still active, you can transfer it to NYSTRS. You may initiate the transfer by contacting the other system.

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