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July Payment for Unused Leave; How to Report Loan Payments During the Summer; Year-End Exception Reports (YEERs) and Holdover Pay/Prior Year Earnings.
June What is the difference between the date of resignation and a member’s official date of retirement?; Holdover and Summer School and Retro; Oh My!; Non-STRS Pay Explanations Needed; NYSTRS Summer Hours; and Expiration of Temporary Passwords for New ESA Users.
April Tier 6 Contribution Rates for the 2021-22 School Year Now Available; Please Remember to Submit Membership Applications; Do You Have a Security Administrator?; and New Features Available for Members.
March Have Reporting Questions? You Have an Editor for That!; Earnings After Retirement; What is an ABPR?; How to Update ESA Users and School District Contacts; and Grievances and Settlement Agreements.
January Reporting Earnings and Service Credit for Certain Leaves and Cost-Saving Measures; Update 2020 Earnings After Retirement by March 31; and Reporting 403(b) Payments for Tier 1 Members.
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