Employer Contribution Rate

Employer Contribution Rate
The Employer Contribution Rate (ECR) is the percentage of member payroll employers contribute to NYSTRS.
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This rate is determined annually through an actuarial valuation of NYSTRS' assets and liabilities. These contributions have been collected without fail throughout the System's history, keeping NYSTRS among the most secure plans in the country.

The current rates are as follows:

To be Collected ECR Applicable to
Fall 2019 10.62% 2018-19 School Year Salaries
Fall 2018 9.80% 2017-18 School Year Salaries
Fall 2017 11.72% 2016-17 School Year Salaries
Fall 2016 13.26% 2015-16 School Year Salaries
Fall 2015 17.53% 2014-15 School Year Salaries

The ECR applicable to 2018-19 school year salaries is 10.62%. The payments associated with this rate will be collected in the fall of 2019. See Administrative Bulletin 2018-7 for more information.

The estimated range for 2019-2020 school year salaries is between 8.50% and 9.50% of member payroll. Refer to Administrative Bulletin 2018-9 for more details. An Administrative Bulletin will be provided in February 2019 with a more precise estimate of this ECR.

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