Annual Delegates Meeting

Annual Delegates Meeting
The 2021 Delegates Meeting will be a virtual event Friday, Oct. 29. Additional details will be provided in the coming months.
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More than 500 delegates participated in NYSTRS' 2020 Annual Delegates Meeting held virtually on Monday, Nov. 9. They voted to re-elect Elizabeth A. Chetney to NYSTRS' Board. She is one of three active teacher members on the 10-member Board, which also includes a retired teacher. The meeting also featured educational presentations and the Delegate-Board/Staff discussion.


The NYSTRS Year in Review: In this presentation, we examine the challenges of the past year and show how NYSTRS has continued to achieve our mission during these difficult times. This session covers topics like our COVID-19 response, implementation of laws and executive orders from this past year, new MyNYSTRS functionality, and our System’s financial strength. (Download presentation slides)

Delegate-Board/Staff Discussion: NYSTRS Board members and staff answer a wide range of questions submitted by delegates prior to the 2020 Delegates Meeting.

Election of Board Member: Votes were cast and teacher Elizabeth A. Chetney was re-elected to NYSTRS’ 10-member Board.

Benefits Consultations at Your Convenience: NYSTRS is introducing a new feature for our benefit consultations program. You will now be able to meet with a System representative from your own computer, laptop or device. This provides you with more flexibility while you review the retirement process and receive personalized benefit estimates. In this session, we walk you through this new type of consultation in real time, and you may learn some important benefits tips along the way.

Protecting Against Fraud: This year’s nationwide unemployment claim scam was just another in a growing list of fraud attempts against Americans. At NYSTRS, keeping our members’ personal information secure is a top priority. In this session, we highlighted the many measures we take to ensure data protection and online security. In addition, we discussed steps you can take to keep your information safe. (Download presentation slides)

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