Annual Delegates Meeting

Annual Delegates Meeting
The 2020 meeting will be held virtually Nov. 9.
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As the uncertainties over the coronavirus pandemic continue, NYSTRS has decided to hold its 2020 Annual Delegates Meeting virtually on Monday, Nov. 9. Please read our Headline.

The one-day meeting will feature educational presentations, the Delegate-Board/Staff discussion, and the election of a teacher board member. Refer to our tentative agenda. Specific details on the final agenda and technology requirements to participate virtually will be announced at a later date.

Delegates Elect Teachers to Board

Delegates attending NYSTRS' 2019 Annual Delegates Meeting unanimously elected teachers Sheila Sullivan Buck and Elizabeth Chetney to the NYSTRS Board of Trustees.

Breakout Sessions

Delegates and visitors to the 2019 Delegates Meeting had the opportunity to attend various educational breakout sessions. Following are the presentations from each of the breakout sessions:

Graphic Recordings

Graphic recordings were once again used this year to visually capture key points of the various presentations. Links to each of the artist renderings follow. We encourage you to share them with co-workers.

For information on how to treat Annual Delegates Meeting attendance, salary and expense issues, refer to:

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