NYSTRS invests in several diverse asset classes.
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This diversification of assets helps us earn the highest possible long-term rate of return within appropriate risk levels. In turn, this enables us to pay guaranteed benefits to members and their beneficiaries at the lowest possible cost to participating employers and the taxpayers that fund them.

NYSTRS is one of the most secure and well-funded public pension plans in the country. Using a market value of assets, our most recent funded status was 113%. Using an actuarial value of assets, we were 99% funded. Our 10-year and 30-year rates of investment returns, net of fees, were 10.1% and 9.2%, respectively, as of the fiscal year ended June 30, 2021. These results are top decile compared to peer public pension plans. 

Our focus remains on investing for the long term, utilizing a disciplined investment approach with a strong emphasis on risk control. With 56% of our assets administered internally by System staff, we are able to manage investments at a very low cost compared to the value of assets — 26 basis points.

Learn more about NYSTRS’ investments, finances and member statistics on the NYSTRS by the Numbers and infographics pages and in our annual financial reports.

Retirement Board's Fiduciary Duty and Investment Beliefs

NYSTRS' 10-member Retirement Board has a fiduciary duty to prudently manage System assets using appropriate skill, care and diligence. Trustees are committed to the Board’s responsibility to protect the long-term value of the System’s investment portfolio and provide benefit security to members. The Board’s Investment Beliefs, which are entailed in the Board Governance Manual, provide a consistent and transparent framework to guide the System’s investment decision-making processes. The Beliefs reflect NYSTRS’ fiduciary responsibility to its members and its commitment to the System’s Mission, Vision and Values.

NYSTRS’ Deliberative Process to Address Climate Risk and Opportunities

The System in December 2021 released a Climate Update regarding NYSTRS’ deliberative process to address climate risk and opportunities related to its investment portfolio. The Update summarizes the specific steps the System is taking that support the transition to a more sustainable future. The System’s Dec. 28, 2021 press release includes key details of the Update.

Partnering With Investor Networks and Climate Groups

NYSTRS is committed to working with investor networks and industry groups focused on climate matters and sustainable investing. This active participation is just one important component of the System’s investment belief on the responsible stewardship of its assets. The collaboration with other institutional investors enables the System to harness collective influence in our engagement efforts. Actively participating with other organizations helps to shape future rules and regulations related to sustainable investing.

NYSTRS is a member of the following organizations:

  • Ceres – NYSTRS participates in the Ceres Investor Network which advances sustainable investment practices, engages with corporate leaders, and advocates for key policy and regulatory solutions to accelerate the transition to a net zero emissions economy.
  • Climate Action 100+ – An investor-led initiative to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take action on climate change.
  • Council of Institutional Investors – An organization focused on corporate governance, shareholder rights and financial regulations that foster fair, vibrant capital markets.
  • Value Reporting Foundation – An advocate for clear and uniform climate-related disclosures from companies to help asset owners such as NYSTRS evaluate climate change-related risks and opportunities in their investment portfolios and make informed investment decisions.

Current Holdings

The System's most-recent list of investments and activity are below. This information is updated approximately three weeks after the end of each quarter.

Public Equity

Domestic Equity Holdings
Global Equity Holdings

Fixed Income

Domestic Fixed Income Holdings
Global Fixed Income Holdings

Private Equity & Private Debt*

Private Equity Activity
Private Equity Commitments and Funding
Private Debt Activity
There were no new Private Debt commitments during the quarter ended June 30, 2022.

Real Estate*

Real Estate Equity Activity
Real Estate Equity Commitments and Funding
Real Estate Debt Activity

*These assets are reported on a quarter lag.

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