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Meet our leadership team, responsible for the daily operations of the Retirement System.
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In addition to leading a dedicated staff, NYSTRS’ executive team provides counsel to the System’s 10-member Board. The leadership team is committed to providing members with a secure pension while ensuring the System remains a model for pension fund excellence and exceptional customer service.

Thomas K. Lee
Executive Director &
Chief Investment Officer
Don Ampansiri Beth Bonacquist
Don Ampansiri
Deputy General Counsel
Beth Bonacquist
Senior Advisor to the Executive Director &
Chief Investment Officer
Beth Dellea Miriam Dixon
Beth Dellea
Deputy Chief Customer Officer
Miriam Dixon
Chief Administrative Officer
Michael Federici David C. Gillan
Michael Federici
Deputy Managing Director of Fixed Income
David C. Gillan
Managing Director of Real Estate
Michael Gregoire Frederick W. Herrmann
Michael Gregoire
Chief Technology Officer
Frederick W. Herrmann
Managing Director of Public Equities
Laura Hotaling Joseph J. Indelicato Jr.
Laura Hotaling
Chief Risk Officer
Joseph J. Indelicato Jr.
General Counsel
Noreen Jones Rebecca Kannan
Noreen Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Rebecca Kannan
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Kenneth R. Kasper Vijay Madala
Kenneth R. Kasper
Director of Internal Audit
Vijay Madala
Deputy Chief Technology Officer
Edward Rezny Michael A. Wolfe Jr.
Edward Rezny
Chief Customer Officer
Michael A. Wolfe Jr.
Managing Director of Fixed Income
Gerald J. Yahoudy II Richard A. Young  
Gerald J. Yahoudy II
Managing Director of Private Equity
Richard A. Young
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