2018 Tips

2018 Tips
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Issue Date Topics
December Earnings After Retirement Reporting Feature Coming; and Are Your Pay Codes Up-to-Date?
November New ESA Feature Coming in January; It’s Critical You Report a Member or Retiree Death; and Death and Disability Benefit Processing.
October Validate ESA Users; Loan Billing Adjustments and Payments; and Service Retirement Estimate Requests.
September Holdover Pay/Prior Year Earnings Information Needed ASAP; Check Loan Notifications in ESA; Complete Final Salary Reports for Disability Retirements; How to Handle New Employees; and Are You a New Superintendent?
August Year-End Billing; Part-Time Employees Can Join NYSTRS; and Reporting a Member or Retiree Death.
July Year-End Reports; Handling New and Transferring Memberships; Updated Beneficiary Designation Form for NYSTRS Members; and Reporting a Member or Retiree Death.
June Ceasing Contributions for Some Tier 4 Members; The Latest ESA Feature: Holdover Pay/Prior Year Earnings Days; and Reporting a Member or Retiree Death.
May Tier 6 Contribution Rates; Need ESA training?; Service Days from Fee; and Reporting a Death.
April Filing for Disability Protection; Prior Service Verification Form; Contact Us; and ESA Helpful Hints.
February New on the Employer Secure Area (ESA): A “To Do List”; Grievances and Settlement Agreements; and New Staff? We Can Help!
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