2016 Tips

2016 Tips
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Issue Date Topics
December ESA – New Users/Invalidated Users; Reporting a Change in Chief School Administrator/College President; Nurse vs. Nurse Teacher; and Loan Notifications Reminder.
October Thank You!; Verification of Prior Service; ESA Security; and Wanted: Your Ideas.
September Security Enhancement Coming Soon to the Employer Secure Area (ESA); ESA User Validation; and Loan Bills.
August Holdover Days from Prior Year; Director Titles; and Transferring Memberships from One Retirement System to Another.
July 2015-16 Estimated Bill; Employer Secure Area (ESA) Usernames and Passwords; and Submission of Labor Agreements.
June Year-End Certification Report Now Available; Loan Billing and Notification Changes; New Memberships; and Maintaining ESA Security.
May NYSTRS to Review Payroll Records; Contribution Adjustments; and Is a New Employee Required to Join NYSTRS?
March Reporting Earnings for Retired, Terminated, and Inactive Members; Membership in Dual Retirement Systems; Loan Notifications; and IRS Alerts Payroll and HR Professionals to Phishing Scheme Involving W-2s.
February Member Service Credit Report; Maintaining ESA Security; Employer Refunds; and Reporting Earnings for Retired/Terminated/Inactive Members.
January Break in Service Required for Retirees Returning to Work; How to Estimate Coaches’ Salary; Loan Billing Update; and Coming Soon to ESA: Retirement Reports.
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