2015 Tips

2015 Tips
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Issue Date Topics
November Help Us Reach You Via Email; Year-End Exception Report (YEER) Due; Article 19 Report – Contribution Stop Date; and Address for Loan Bill Payments.
September Certification Statement Due Oct. 15; Hiring New Employees in ESA; ESA Loan Billing Reminders; Tier 6 Member Contribution Rates; and Submission of Labor Agreements.
August Loan Bills Now Available in the ESA; ESA User Validation; ESA Passwords; and YEER Reports.
July Coming Soon: Paperless Loan Bills; Website Bookmarks/Favorites; DSIRs May Be Delayed; NYSTRS.org Internet Browser Requirements; and Reporting Holdover Pay.
June 2014-15 Estimated Bill; Important Reminders; Year-End Exception Report (YEER); Accounts Payable Disbursements; and DSIR Emails.
May Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 68; Retirement Report Changes (QTR-78 and QTR-78A); and Coming Soon: Paperless Loan Bills.
April Monthly Adjustment Bills; New ESA Feature: Member Service Credit; and Who Should Be Reported to NYSTRS?
March Entering Earnings for Tier 6 Members; Membership Verification - New Employees; and Loan Processing Reminders.
January Employer Secure Area (ESA) Redesign and Change; Reporting a Member or Retiree Death; Grievances and Settlement Agreements; and 403(b) Payments.
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