Your Retirement Questions Answered


When am I eligible to retire?

How is my pension calculated?

When will I receive my first payment?

If you’re getting ready to retire, we’re sure you have lots of questions. You’ll find answers to many typical questions in our newly revised Retirement Planning FAQs page.

The questions are grouped into categories to make it easy for you to find the information you need. The categories include: benefit calculations, benefit payments, disability retirement, filing for retirement, and planning resources. There’s also a miscellaneous category for those questions that did not fit well elsewhere.

Click on a category to view the most frequently asked questions for that topic. If more detailed information is needed, the answer will also include helpful links to additional NYSTRS resources.

If what you need answered isn’t covered, give us a call at (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6250. Better yet, schedule a personal consultation with one of our information representatives. Having a consultation and attending a Pension & Retirement Education Program (PREP) seminar are the two most important tasks to complete before filing for retirement.

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