Working in Retirement? Report Public Earnings


If you are a retired NYSTRS member who:

  • Worked in NYS public employment in 2018
  • Earned more than $30,000 in this employment during calendar year 2018 AND 
  • Was younger than 65 throughout the entire year (i.e., did not turn 65 in 2018)

you need to report these public employment earnings to NYSTRS. If you haven’t already reported, please do so immediately.

The need to report applies even if you have an earnings waiver or your employer contracted with a private, third-party firm for your services.

Use the form Reporting Your New York State Public Employment Earnings (RMS-64.1) and mail it to NYSTRS, 10 Corporate Woods Drive, Albany, NY 12211. The form is available on this website. Use the Forms dropdown menu and select Retiree Forms.

For 2019 public employment, those with an online MyNYSTRS account will have the ability to report earnings via MyNYSTRS with a new feature available in the coming weeks. We recommend you report your post-retirement earnings through MyNYSTRS on a monthly basis, even if you don’t intend to exceed the $30,000 limit. Timely self-reporting can help you track your earnings and avoid having to repay a portion of your retirement benefit.

If you don’t have a MyNYSTRS account, you should report your earnings as soon as you reach $30,000 in a calendar year using form RMS-64.1.

For additional information about post-retirement earnings, including the rules governing work as a consultant, please see the pamphlet Working in Retirement. The pamphlet has been newly updated in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format. Go to the Retirees menu, select the Earnings After Retirement page and click on the link for the pamphlet.

You may request a printed version of the Working in Retirement pamphlet by contacting the System’s Public Information Office at

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