What You Need to Know About Working in Retirement


If you are retired from NYSTRS but employed in another capacity, we urge you to review our publication Working in Retirement. The newly updated document is in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format and can be found on the Earnings After Retirement page of this website or by calling our automated Hotline at (800) 782-0289.

The rules for working in retirement differ based on type of employment, your age and several other variables. Making sense of it can be challenging.

Here’s the key item you need to know: If you work for a NYS public employer and have not yet turned 65 years old, you are required to report your earnings to NYSTRS as soon as you reach $30,000 within a calendar year.  Complete and submit the form Reporting Your New York State Public Employment Earnings (RMS-64.1), available on this website or by calling our automated Hotline. 

Later this year, those with an online MyNYSTRS account will have the ability to report earnings from NYS public employment through this personal account. Watch this space and our retired member newsletter Resource for additional information. 

To create a MyNYSTRS account, select the MyNYSTRS Login tab found near the top of all NYSTRS.org pages, click the “Register Now!” button and follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll need your seven-digit NYSTRS EmplID (short for Employee Identification number) to begin. You can find your EmplID on your Benefit Profile or Retired Member Profile, or other official correspondence from NYSTRS. (Note: For security reasons, NYSTRS staff is not able to provide EmplIDs over the phone or through email.)

The bottom line: Timely self-reporting can help you avoid having to repay a portion of your retirement benefit should you exceed a legislated or contractual earnings limit.

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