'Tis the Season to Prepare


To everything there is a season and a new NYSTRS video series offers advice on what you should be doing in each of them if you are planning to retire at the end of the current school year. 

Each video is approximately a minute long but covers a wealth of information in that short time. Watch each video and in under five minutes you’ll have a checklist of tasks to complete to ensure the retirement process goes smoothly.  

Among the most important items you’ll find on your to-do list will be:

  • Attend a Pension and Retirement Education Program (PREP) seminar. 
  • Schedule a benefits consultation with a NYSTRS representative. 
  • Discuss health insurance coverage with your employer. (NYSTRS does not administer health insurance.) 
  • Contact the Social Security Administration to learn more about that benefit. 
  • File an online retirement application with NYSTRS. (Notifying your employer of your intent to retire is not enough.) 

You’ll find the videos in the Library of this website. While you’re there, check out some of our other entertaining and informative cinematic offerings.

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