New Video Targets Those Retiring


A new video available in the Library section of this website is must-watch viewing for those thinking about retirement. 

The Retirement Process” is the final installment in a four-part series on NYSTRS’ benefits. It includes information on key filing dates and decisions to make during the retirement process. Also covered are how best to file a retirement application and what to do if you want to withdraw or change the application you filed. (Note there are very tight and specific deadlines for withdrawing an application or changing the benefit payment option selected.)

NYSTRS offers many tools to assist with your retirement planning, such as benefit consultations, and these are discussed in the video as well. Also reviewed are the many valuable retirement resources, like the pension estimator, available to those who have a MyNYSTRS account.

In addition to watching the video, we encourage those thinking of retiring to visit the new Ready to Retire page of this website. It’s accessible through the Active Members or Retirement Planning tabs.

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