News You Need: Working in Retirement


If you are retired and collecting a NYSTRS pension but want to supplement your income by working in another capacity, there are several important facts to keep in mind. Maybe the most important: with few exceptions, you can earn up to a legislated limit — currently $30,000 per calendar year — in New York State public employment without it impacting your NYSTRS pension.

Some other items of note:

  • Beginning in the calendar year you turn 65, you can have unlimited earnings in ALL employment — including New York State public employment.
  • There is no earnings limit if you work in private or federal employment, or public employment in another state.
  • If you work as a consultant for a New York State public employer and your date of membership is prior to May 31, 1973, NYSTRS must receive, review and approve your consultant agreement prior to your employment.
  • If you work in NYS public employment, you’ll need to report your earnings to NYSTRS each year.

If you want to work in New York State public employment and exceed the $30,000 earnings limit, you have a choice to make. To learn more see the article Know the Rules for Working in Retirement in the June 2018 edition of the newsletter Your Source.

Also see our publication Working in Retirement.

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