Benefit Profile Now Available


The 2018 Benefit Profile for active members is now available online for those with a MyNYSTRS account.

This year’s Profile has been slimmed down to four pages for most members; it previously was a 12-page document. The more user-friendly format is designed to ensure recipients understand key facts about their membership benefits.

Issued annually with updated service and salary information critical in calculating your future retirement benefit, the Profile also offers you the opportunity to review beneficiary information so you can make any necessary changes. Depending on your membership status and eligibility, the document may also include: 

  • Projections of service retirement benefits under different scenarios.
  • Disability and death benefit projections.
  • A summary of contributions and loan information (if applicable).

Those age 50 and older will also receive an insert providing additional information to help with retirement planning. The insert is available to all members on the Benefit Profile page in MyNYSTRS.

This year’s Profile is available for those with a date of membership of June 30, 2018 or earlier. If you elected to receive only the electronic version of the Profile, you should have received email notification of its availability. Those who opted for printed copies should receive them in the mail by the end of November.

It’s important to review your Profile each year to ensure your employer(s) correctly reported your service and salary data. Both are major components of the formula used to calculate your retirement benefit, so you’ll want to make sure our records are accurate. If you find errors, contact your employer(s) and request corrections be submitted to NYSTRS immediately.

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