Picture This: A Sustainable System


New images added to our NYSTRS.org Infographics page provide further evidence NYSTRS is strong, secure and sustainable.

A Fair and Sustainable Model shows that over the past 20 years – a period that included the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression – System assets nearly doubled. What makes that more impressive is that during that same period we paid out almost four times what we received in member and employer contributions. How was that possible? Primarily because we generated $118 billion in investment income over those two decades.

The chart Lower Fees shows the positive impact managing a large portion of our assets internally has on the bottom line. With about 63% of assets internally managed, substantial cost savings are realized in the form of lower fees. The money saved can instead be used for investing and paying benefits. NYSTRS manages its assets at a cost of approximately 24 cents per $100 managed – well below what it would cost to manage the same amount in a 401(k).

The other new infographic Limiting Risk shows how our highly diversified investment portfolio controls risk and keeps NYSTRS secure. Financial experts agree that the most significant contributor to long-term investment performance is prudent asset allocation. This chart demonstrates our commitment to diversification.

Infographics are found in the Press Room on the About Us page of our website. They are designed to tell the NYSTRS story with an emphasis on pictures over words. All charts are easily printed so they can be shared with others.

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