New! File for Retirement Online


MyNYSTRS account holders age 55 and older may now file for retirement online.

This latest addition to the secure member portal streamlines the NYSTRS retirement application process and eliminates the need to fill out and mail an eight-page paper application. The online application also features built-in logic that ensures you don’t inadvertently miss a step or make a mistake that would cause the paper application to be rejected.

You can save and store data as you go, allowing you to pick up where you left off at a later date. When you do return you’ll quickly be able to see what sections of the application you’ve already completed and what you still need to fill in. You’ll also have the ability to modify previously completed sections.

Only after all sections have been properly completed will a Review & Submit My Application button appear. At that point you’ll be able to confirm the information you entered is correct. Depending on your unique situation, pre-submission messages may also display.

The earliest you can apply for retirement is 90 days prior to the effective date of retirement, so you’ll be unable to submit the application any sooner.

An acknowledgement email will be sent to you confirming receipt of the application. If at any point you want to see how close we are to finalizing your retirement, select the Track Progress of Retirement button under the My Retirement tab in MyNYSTRS.

Those filing for disability retirement or who request an alternative option payment (i.e., a payment type other than one of the standard choices available) are not able to use the online retirement application. Certain other factors would also restrict use of the electronic application.

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