NYSTRS’ PAFR a Popular Read


NYSTRS values transparency and we consider our operations an open book. However, when that book is a 138-page Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), we understand why reading it might be daunting.

That's why we also produce a Popular Annual Financial Report, or PAFR. The PAFR attempts to summarize complex financial information for those without a background in public finance. You’ll find both the PAFR and CAFR in the Library of this website. Navigate there by selecting Library > Publications > Annual Reports.

With data primarily pulled from NYSTRS' CAFR of the same fiscal year, the PAFR relies heavily on graphics and other visuals to tell the System's financial story. Unlike a CAFR, which can be technical in nature, a PAFR attempts to present the facts in a clear, concise manner.

You may request a printed version of the PAFR by contacting the System's Public Information Office at news@nystrs.org or by calling (800) 782-0289.

Can't get enough of the numbers? While you're online, look through our Pension Education Toolkit, the first item under the "I'm looking for..." dropdown menu. In addition to NYSTRS-specific information, you'll also find a wealth of research on the retirement industry.

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