Notice of Proposed Settlement of General Motors Securities Class Action


If you received the notice and proof of claim form regarding the proposed settlement of the securities class action brought by the New York State Teachers' Retirement System ("NYSTRS") against General Motors Corporation (“GM”) those documents were mailed to you because one or more brokerage firms identified you as possibly having purchased shares in GM during the class period (Nov. 17, 2010 through July 24, 2014) through an account that you have or had with that firm.  You did not receive notice of the settlement because of your membership in NYSTRS.

If you purchased GM stock during the class period in your personal account(s), in order to be eligible to share in the proceeds of the settlement with respect to those shares, you must file a claim postmarked no later than April 27, 2016 in accordance with the instructions set forth in the claim form.  If you have any questions concerning your ownership of GM stock through your personal account(s), please direct them to your account advisor(s).

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