Welcome to Our New Site!


NYSTRS.org has a fresh new look and improved navigation! The result: A website where the information and tools you want are more accessible than ever.

The new and improved website offers:

  • A clean, clutter-free look;
  • More intuitive navigation;
  • Responsive design for better viewing and navigation on mobile devices;
  • Inviting graphics and images; 
  • Convenient MyNYSTRS login from every page;
  • Publications more suitable for printing;  and, 
  • Much, much more!

The more visually appealing website features all the same information as our previous site. Only the presentation changed – and we think you’ll agree it’s an improvement.

Be sure to bookmark your favorite pages and visit often for updates and news. 

The design of MyNYSTRS will be upgraded during phase two of this redesign. Stay tuned for information on that project!

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