Benefit by Reviewing Your Profile


(October 23, 2014) – One of the best ways to track and verify your salary information is to regularly review the Benefit Profile you receive from NYSTRS annually. Your 2014 Profile is coming soon.

Distribution of the 2014 Profile will begin in early November. Those who signed up for electronic delivery in MyNYSTRS have the advantage of receiving their copy earlier than those receiving a printed copy in the U.S. Mail.

If you need to update your email or home address, now is the perfect time to do so. Either change can be done online with a MyNYSTRS account. Alternatively, members may submit an address change with a Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50) form or a signed letter that includes your NYSTRS EmplID and signature.

The 2014 statement details your NYSTRS membership and pension-related information — including benefit calculations — based on June 30, 2014 data. It is important that you verify the service credit and salary information provided to NYSTRS by your employer is accurate. If you find errors, contact the employer and request corrections be submitted to the Retirement System.

The information in your 2014 Profile includes:

  • Earnings and service credit for the school year ended June 30, 2014;
  • A complete service credit history;
  • Beneficiary information;
  • Descriptions of benefit payment options; and,
  • A list of key service credit milestones.

Depending on your membership status and eligibility, the Profile may also include:

  • Projections of service retirement benefits under different scenarios;
  • Disability and death benefit projections; and,
  • A summary of contributions and loan information (if applicable).
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