Your NYSTRS Benefit is Safe and Secure


Did you know independent studies consistently point to NYSTRS as among the best-funded plans in the nation? NYSTRS was also one of six retirement systems featured in a nationwide study titled Lessons from Well-Funded Public Pensions: An Analysis of Plans that Weathered the Financial Storm.

There are many reasons NYSTRS is financially strong, but the most important is that NYSTRS employers and members have made their required contributions every year. With $95 billion in assets and a funded ratio of 90%, NYSTRS has sufficient assets to pay all promised benefits today and into the future.

For the Period 1993-2013 NYSTRS:

  • Took in $17.5 billion in employer and member contributions.
  • Paid out benefits totaling $73.2 billion.
  • More than doubled the market value of its assets from $39 billion to $95 billion.
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