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We are celebrating our centennial with highlights of our history and stories about you – your memories, photos and reflections about NYSTRS.
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In 1921, the New York State Legislature had the foresight to create a retirement system that would provide a secure, stable pension for public school teachers. No matter what changes or challenges would come along over the years in public education, teachers and administrators could count on a steady stream of income in retirement.

This year we celebrate that remarkable accomplishment with NYSTRS’ 100th anniversary: 100 years of fulfilling our sole mission of providing a secure pension to our members.

To learn more about our history, check out "NYSTRS Turns 100: A Pension Plan Built to Last," "Key Moments in NYSTRS’ 100 History," and “Three Generations of Teachers Span 100-Year History of NYSTRS.”

Watch our video "NYSTRS: A Century of Excellence" – a look back to NYSTRS’ first 100 years.

NYSTRS Centennial Stories

As part of our year-long celebration, we have been gathering stories, reflections and photos from our members about their teaching careers and publishing them in NYSTRS Centennial Stories. We hope you enjoy reading each issue and we invite you to look for more issues to be posted here in the coming weeks.

Stable Leadership: NYSTRS Executive Directors Since 1921

A stable leadership adds to organizational stability. NYSTRS is very proud to have had only six executive directors (formerly executive secretary) over the past 100 years.

Edgar G. Lantman
Executive Secretary, 1921 – 1939
Lantman also served on the board of the system that was the precursor to NYSTRS.

Randolf T. Congdon
Executive Secretary, 1939 – 1944

Cornelius B. Murray
Executive Secretary, 1944 – 1966

Dr. Harold N. Langlitz
Executive Director, 1967 – 1995

George M. Philip
Executive Director, 1995 – 2007

Thomas K. Lee
Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer, 2007 – Present

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