NYSTRS' 100th Anniversary

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We are kicking off a year-long centennial celebration that will include highlights of our history and stories about you – your memories, photos and reflections about NYSTRS.
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In 1921, the New York State Legislature had the foresight to create a retirement system that would provide a secure, stable pension for public school teachers. No matter what changes or challenges would come along over the years in public education, teachers and administrators could count on a steady stream of income in retirement.

This year we celebrate that remarkable accomplishment with NYSTRS’ 100th anniversary: 100 years of fulfilling our sole mission of providing a secure pension to our members.

To learn more about our history, check out "NYSTRS Turns 100: A Pension Plan Built to Last," "Key Moments in NYSTRS’ 100 History," and “Three Generations of Teachers Span 100-Year History of NYSTRS.”

Check back soon for additional centennial highlights!

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